Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A road less traveled...in the future

Our trip home was about as adventurous as our trip down. We were a few hours in before things got so silly that we figured we should start "documenting" things. Cue theme music for classic "pictures taken from inside a truck" music!

We ran into a little bit of water...

Hmm...there's traffic coming from the other direction, so I guess the highway's still open.

but not open by much.

Montana has very liberal speed limits.

This little single lane, no shoulder to speak of, goat trail posted a legal speed limit of 112Kms per hour. Wow. I like to get to where I'm going as fast as the next guy, but I like to get there alive.  Judging by the MANY white crosses along this highway, locals seem to be willing to take their chances.

Of course when they do finally slow the speed limit down to 45 miles (72 kilometers)  you know things are going to get ugly...

and so ends today's driver's ed class. Lesson learned? Stick to the interstate.

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