Friday, November 5, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Seems like it's been ages since I blogged about trialling dogs. Well, today I've got a good one.

We took the whole family out to Lloydminster yesterday for the Stockade Roundup trial, where we met up with a good chunk of Travis's family (he's yet another Saskatchewan expat). I threw Kate in for kicks to see what she'd think of arena trials.  The arena was small and the courses complicated - the first one looked like cat's cradle...and there were no retries...and there was a judged pen...what the heck? Not exactly what I had thought Kate's first arena trial would be like at all but she surprised me by handling it like a pro, laying down two very solid runs, suffering from handler error on the first run and a ewe that really insisted that she shouldn't be penned on the second (Kate insisted that she WOULD BE penned and the ewe finally admitted defeat).

Hope and I were first to the post and the guinea pigs for the crazy courses. I managed to lose a few points on the first go around trying to make up my mind which way we were supposed to take the sheep around the second barrel  -leftorrightleftorrightleftorightcraplefttoolate-but beyond that we had two nice rounds and made it to the finals.  Hope and I had the good fortune to go first and run a clean round with a time of 1:14.  Congratulations to the other finalists Peter Gonnet in second, Jamie VanRhyn in third, Jeff DMarni in fourth, and Judy Finseth in fifth.

Along with a swishy new collar and the usual pay out Hope won us our first calcutta - the good people of Lloydminster like to gamble! Atta boy Hopey for bringing home the kibble!

We're taking a couple of days off to hang out with Travis's family in Saskatchewan and then we'll be off to Farmfair in Edmonton for more fun.


Karen Ramstead said...

WAHOO!!! Congratulations to you both from your friends across the valley!!


Handhills Border Collies said...

well done!!!!!

Camp said...

that's terrific! congratulations!!