Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family reunion

For 24 hours this past week, the Border Collies were out numbered. Our good friends Liz, Fraser, Catherine, and Linda came to visit, bringing a pile of dogs with them. We and these dogs go way back and it was lovely to see them again.

As usual around these parts, the food was great and the company even better. 

Here's the gang and how they're related...

Mattie and her brother Bruce.

Boomer and his sister Dharma. These two are Aunt and Uncle to Bruce and Mattie.

Those of you who've been reading the blog since the beginning might recognize him.

Gracie and Secret. Not related to anyone except maybe each other.

An extra shot of Gracie just because I love to look at that coat...almost as much as I love not having a coat like that to brush!
Ruby - the little dog that runs with big dogs!

Hope and Kate looking a wee bit shell shocked.

Liz figured the dogs deserved to eat as well as the humans...

and brought chicken jerky for them. Secret was shocked to find out she actually had to SIT for her share.

Biscuit, the ever starving dog could barely contain his joy over the chicken jerky.

The sheep wisely chose to lay low. 

Too much fun, come back again - we still have to try out that big telescope of yours!

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