Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scott Glen shedding clinic

Hope, Kate and I just got back from Scott and Jenny Glen's. Kate came along for the ride so that she could get some experience working on different fields as well as picking up sheep off of a set out crew. However, the real reason for the trip was a shedding clinic at Scott and Jenny's. 

I can't say enough good things about the clinic. Scott did a fantastic job of breaking down the skills needed for a good shed, and the improvement in dogs and handlers was remarkable.

 Some of the volunteers who helped make the weekend a smashing success. 

With Scott's instruction and pointers, as well as the opportunity to watch shed after shed, Hope and I went from flying in, not knowing which way to turn, and creating havoc  to calm, turning on to sheep with authority. I really started to ENJOY shedding with him and given that the reason why he was flying is was because I was setting things up so poorly to begin with, I'm pretty sure that Hope has now started to enjoy shedding with ME as well. 

Shannon Fritze and Scott discuss strategy while Ben waits for instruction. 

The weather was perfect, the hospitality was fantastic, the company was great all round and the instruction was outstanding - what more could you ask for. 

Please Sir - can I have some more?


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