Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring lamb

After two weeks of unseasonably warm, dry, sunny weather it finally decided to start raining last night (and thank you for the rain, it is much needed) so of course the girls have started lambing.  
The ewe that I was SURE would lamb first is still very much pregnant and one of the ewes that I was hardly paying any attention to, has just had a nice set of twin ewe lambs.  Yep, I'm a sheep raising expert!

This was her first lambing, and she was smart enough to get in out of the rain, and lambed with no trouble at all.  When I checked on her this morning she had had one which was already up and clean and proceeded to have the second while I puttered around pretending to do "chores" so I could watch.  She's handling motherhood like a pro - she's a keeper. 

I know lambs are cute, but I forgot just HOW cute! The two of them are already attempting play and if it weren't raining so much you'd have to put up with a lot more photos. 

To balance out the cuteness, here are the drowned rats that I normally share my home with. 

At the moment I'm thinking that me and my home will do just fine with out them...

See you when you dry out guys!


Jenny Glen said...

uh huh. I notice there is no wet yorkie in those pictures!
The lambs are very cute.

An English Shepherd said...

Wet is also smelly ;-)


Kristi said...

257 looks like a really nice ewe.