Monday, February 15, 2010

I knew we were spending more on groceries

Antonio and Buster are used to their winter nick names - Lard Butt and Rollie Pollie, but even so, we've been going through quite a bit of cat food this winter. 

We've had our suspicions...and today they were confirmed. 

Meet the new guy on the farm.

Being cats, Antonio and Buster put on a great show. Normally on a warm, sunny day like we had today, they are complete sloths.  Now that they've got turf to protect though, they were totally into the "we pay the mortgage and buy the groceries - so get off our land varmit!" 

The poor little guy eventually got chased out of the pole shed by the cats, only to discover that his escape route was blocked off by these guys. 


Yep, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Lucky for him the dogs are better behaved than our cats. 

At any rate, we're fine with new comers who are willing to pull their weight - and not take up space on the couch. Welcome stranger.  


Jenny Glen said...

I love that Antonio (? I believe) has his psycho cat look on.

An English Shepherd said...

Cool cat :-)