Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random pics from the trip

That make me go HMMMM....

The USBCHA finals were GREAT. Lots of visiting, lots of great runs, lots of fun. Just about everyone I know who was there has written blogs filled with info about the trials.

Not me. I managed to snap some shots on the way down and back that are definitely what you could call "long road trip conversation starters". And now, I share them with you...

Gee - can't wait. Oh, and don't worry. We weren't disappointed - there was plenty of it.

Hey look, finally a tree!

full of shoes... in the middle of NO WHERE.

A minitiature mule with a flag sticking out of it's back. That's certainly...patriotic? (this shot was actually taken at the finals, but it did lead to some interesting conversation on the way home)

Who knew that Stop signs needed explaining?

The sign that got away.

Keep Oregon Green, Prevent Forest Fires.

in an area that looked like this.

Green? Forests?

Can't wait till next year's road trip adventures!


prairiesoul said...

Great pics, love the tree

Katerina said...

thanks for the chuckle! Great post.