Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kate the Fashionista.

I had Kate spayed this week. The surgery went fine, however Thursday night things started to look a little "off" and by Friday morning she had a full blown infection. After a trip back to vet for a check ("yes she certainly does have an infection and my doesn't that look uncomfortable") and some drugs, we headed back home to start our long weekend. While Kate is doing much better now that she's on antibiotics she's still feeling pretty darned uncomfortable. I could put an elizabethan collar on her, but that's no way for a girl to enjoy the labour day weekend. So instead I set her up with a nifty set of PJ's. She'll wear them until things have settled back down and she'll still be able to enjoy such post health crisis pursuits as "milking as much sympathy as possible" and "getting fat on all of the extra tidbits and chewies an invalid requires".

Kate practices her "pouty supermodel" look for the runway.

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