Saturday, August 29, 2009

Canadian Finals Update

There are plenty of blogs talking about how the dogs and handlers are doing this weekend. Instead, I give you this.

Bunny Agility.

You heard it right. Agility with rabbits...

This is Amanda Greening and her bunny Babbity.

Amanda tells me that Babbity took to agility naturally and really didn't need any training.

They usually perform off leash, but given that they are outdoors and surrounded by dogs they've wisely chosen to keep the rabbits on leash for their own safety this weekend.

I assumed that they used clickers to train the rabbits. However, it turns out that the rabbits really don't eat outside their cages so instead they simply reward them with affection for a job well done. Interesting. The course is varied from trial to trial. I think a few dog handlers would be embarrassed if they had to compete against these rabbits.

The sport originated in Denmark and they hope it will take off here as well. Most of the rabbits at this weekend's demos are rescues.

Thanks very much to everyone from the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club for a great demo! If you'd like to learn more about the sport check them out at

Now back to the dogs...

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Lindsay said...

Wow! That's hilarious!