Thursday, October 9, 2008

My latest excuse for not blogging

First excuse: This is my favourite time of year to be outside, so that's where I've been as much as possible.

Second excuse: The dogs are doing fine and sometime no news is good news. ;-)

The biggest excuse:

A very small sample of what has taken over our basement.

We're (as in Travis and I for a change!) going away in a couple of days so they all have to go.

Take that!

Seeing red yet?

All done - for today any way.

How is this related to the dogs? They seem to like the smell of tomato sauce. When we have dog friends up we often have home made spaghetti and meatballs - we're ready! :-)

1 comment:

lori-ann said...

lame excuse.
Just because your basement floor is covered doesn't mean you have a lot of tomatoes. . . .
So. What time does fencing start on Saturday? If I come across anyone who needs a work project, I'll send them over!