Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The greatest outdooor show on earth

This past weekend I went down to the Calgary Stampede to watch the stock dog competition. Louanne and I camped. This is what we camped beside.

Canada Malting

Gee, a distillery - sounds perfect for a party right? It seems that making malt involves a lot of trains as well as something that sounds like a very LARGE jet engine - 24 hours per day. Definitely enough to drive a girl to drink...

This year Louanne entered Isla. I tried to be supportive by reminding her not to think about the thousands of people watching, or the fact that she would be competing against seasoned professionals. My pep talks obviously helped because Louanne and Isla posted the fastest chute time of the first trial.

On the way to the chute.

Unfortunately Louanne ran into some trouble at the pen and Isla gripped out, but it was one heck of a run.

Of course there were other things going on at the Stampede. Mostly I was too busy having fun to take pictures but I did happen to have my camera when we popped in to watch the six hitch horse competition

A whole lot of horse power.

After seeing these rigs as well as the trailers used to haul everything, I would say that Travis has gotten off VERY easy with my choice of hobbies.

Randy Dye, pretty much the guy responsible for me getting into the whole border collie thing in the first place, posted the fastest time with his dog Dale on the first day. He also made it to the finals with his dog Sweep.

Dale on the JumboTron.

Unfortunately I can't remember who posted the fastest time on the second day. Congratulations go to Dale Montgomery and his dog Tex for winning the finals. This is Dale's fifth win.

Dale receiving his $10,000 check

Maybe next year I'll get up the nerve to go back as a competitor instead of as a spectator...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Calgary was grand! but really I want to know/see more about the new dog! and Tell of course lol