Monday, October 12, 2009

Relationships are built on communication and trust.

Communication - as in I should have reminded Travis that there were sheep in the yard when we left for town and he decided that because I was driving he'd get the gates.

Trust - This is what I thought the gates looked like as we left the property.

but this is what they really looked like.

Which lead to some very choice communication when we got back home.

Nothing to the right....

Nothng to the left. Actually that's not entirely true. It turns out they were to the right of the white field you can see at the far end of the road.

On the lamb...


Kara said...


Emma Rose said...

Glad you got them home...LOL

An English Shepherd said...

Opps, my Auntie Breeze would have got them back in for you ;-)

Wizz :-)