Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was going to blog about this

Fall pics of the dogs. Every year I like to take pictures of the kids when the leaves are pretty.It's just something I do for myself.

This is Bruce last year,

and Bruce the year before.

My god he was a cute puppy. I'm being completely objective about my opinion of course.

That was my plan today. I had the dogs out for a nice run yesterday without the camera - so today I was definitely going to bring it with me.

Instead I'm going to blog about this.

Because these are todays "fall colours" here.

Hope and I moved the sheep out (they're the subject of something else I was planning to blog about this week), and then the dogs and I headed out for the trails.

Loads of fun was had by all even if it was a little early in the season for white stuff.

And when we got back Hope put in his request for naps by the fire.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...hopefully.

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