Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring cleaning

It's that time of year. Time to tidy up the yard and get things ready for summer. Summer's pretty short around here so let's face it, we like to make the most of it - there's no point in wasting time.

Now that we have sheep our "yard" has grown considerably. Yesterday we were able to borrow Eve and Bud's tractor ( I don't even like to think about life before Eve and Bud's tractor) to essentially clean up after the sheep.

This is a bit of the mess - essentially it's a dinner plate (left over from a round bale) that needs to be scraped.

As always, there's a huge grin on Travis' face whenever work involves the use of a tractor. It's definitely a guy thing.

I wonder how long it will Take Travis to figure out that while I'm taking pictures for my blog I'm...not...actually....working.

As you can see, the sheep found all of this very stressful. So stressful that they had to come over and hang around/supervise.

Travis was in charge of the tractor. I was in charge of another very sophisticated, highly technical piece of equipment - the pitchfork. Please note that unlike the last blog my truck was featured in (with the trailer) it is very spiffy and clean in this shot...except for the huge pile of crap in the back.

Bruce had to help out.

by bringin IN as much spring as he could possibly jam on to his hairy body.

This blog's not really finished. I need to go out and get a shot of what I've privately (I guess it's not so private) dubbed the Poop Pyramid of Meanook. It's quite impressive in a "oh my god sheep are wasters!!" kind of way.


An English Shepherd said...

Thats a big spring clean !

Wizz :-)

prairiesoul said...

Nice tractor!!!!!!!