Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My brush with fame

I'm down at Louanne's helping her set up for the CBCA national finals. We've been running around a lot getting various things done which has meant a number of trips in to High River. High River happens to be the town where the CBC series "Heartland" is filmed. It turns out they were filming today. I had my camera with me for a change so we drove down the street where they were filming and waited while they shot their scene.

As soon as I turned my camera on...the battery died. It seems my "take pictures on trips" curse continues to plague me.

At the intersection we even wound up stopped next to characters Amy and Lou Fleming.

The girls, after their trip to town.

After our little brush with fame it was back to work. If you're around this week (Thursday through Sunday) be sure to stop by the Bar Pipe ranch to watch the trial. You can also check out Jenny's Alta Pete trial blog as well as Louanne's Phantom Ridge blog for trial updates.

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