Friday, March 13, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Winter has dragged on forever....did I mention FOREVER. Today though, the temperature is above freezing and there's a nice breeze. In "I'm sick of the snow terms" this means GOOD MELTING WEATHER. We Canadians are pros at dealing with snow, and there's an age old tradition in the city of throwing snow from the lawn out into the street to speed things on to summer.

I'm not worried about our front lawn. I have more pressing concerns. Hope and I are going to our first trial in one month, Kate is keen to start, and I have no where to work them.

So we started working on "operation let's clear a work space". First Travis started digging out gates.

Then we started snowshoeing in circles around the pen. For those of you reading from warmer climes...if you can snow shoe in your T-Shirt, that means the snow is wet and heavy and the snowshoeing is no fun. These are the lengths we go to to bring our dogs sheep.

Why are you snowshoeing that way - the sheep are definitely this way?!

Of course the dogs were more than willing to help out with this project. The easiest way to get them to help break up snow was to have Bruce chase snowballs.

Which quickly led to this,


and this.

This is Bruce on crack

I'm heading south again tomorrow to hang out with Tammy, then Louanne and Jenny. If all goes according to plan we'll work dogs and then, when I head back north the snow will have melted enough in my pen that I'll be able to work dogs at home. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the warm weather hangs around for a while.


An English Shepherd said...

Great pics and post again, have a nice trip :-)

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, I feel your pain. It's so muddy here we can't... well ok we've been able to work dogs all winter!

Tammy said...

sooo sad that it is still snowing at your house!:P at least you got to enjoy the bald prairies for a few days - down here - where it's usually warm all winter and dry - and sunny...

manymuddypaws said...

great photo of Bruce!