Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This might not look like much BUT

It's 5:00 PM and the sun is still shining! Around these parts, that's pretty exciting stuff. The weather was also a very balmy +9 celcius today so I think I officially have a bad case of spring fever.

Early February + Spring Fever = me setting myself up for a big case of disappointment.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Saw your link on BCRO blog so thought I'd pop by for a comment or two!

Hope you don't have the same weather we have here right now ... it was -30c this morning ... I think it may have even warmed all the way up to -26c ... darn ontario weather!


Lisa said...

I hear you. Give us a week or two and we'll be right back where we belong I'm sure! What would Canadians have if they didn't have the weather to complain about...oh right...politicians, hockey teams, taxes, etc.. ;-)